The List of Charming Players in FIFA World Cup 2018

There will be always a key player in football team including in FIFA World Cup 2018. The list below shows you the list of the key player who might be your favorite one.


Timo Werner

Germany is a great team along with amazing players. One of the key players is Timo Werner. Despite of his young age, Werner successfully brings his team to FIFA World Cup 2018 in June. He also tries to achieve Golden Boot especially because he has a great finishing and important role in helping his friends to attack the opponents.

Werner is also an active player and it can be seen from his achievement in which he got 5 goals so far in Bundesliga in 6 performances. Now, he becomes the player of RB Leipzig as a forward. Before that, he became one of the players at VFB Stuttgart. Werner has been performed for 10 times for Germany National football team in 2017. He got 7 goals at that time. It was a great achievement. This year, he played for 2 times and didn’t create any goal yet but Germany fans sure that his performance will be better and better and bring his team to win the FIFA World Cup 2018 trophy.

Paulo Dybala

For Argentina’s fans, you have to take a look at the performance of young player namely Paulo Dybala. Indeed it is his great achievement since in his 23 years old Dybala is able to perform in Argentina national football team. Now, he is playing in Italian Calcio for Juventus. He was started his career at the age of 17.


At that time, Dybala was played for a local team namely Instituto Atletico Central Cordoba. Then, he tried to develop his career by playing for Palermo in 2012. He also played brilliantly there. In 2015-2016 season, Paulo Dybala was signed a new contract for Juventus. It seems that he love Juventus and he kept his contract until 2017-2018 contract. In total, he has around 150 performances in Serie A.

Internationally he was called to be Argentina national football player on his 17 by playing for under-17 team. Then, he was recalled in 2015 and play for the senior team. His debut in FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifying was when Argentina has to match against Paraguay. Dybala also played amazingly in 2018 against Uruguay in World Cup 2018 qualifying. Now, his name is on the primary Argentina national football squad and ready to welcome World Cup 2018 in Russia.

It seems that opponents need to be worried on his movement, dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques. Indeed, Paulo Dybala is like a new hero for Argentina.

Kylian Mbappe

The biggest fans of France are glad with the appearance of a new rising star known as Kylian Mbappe. Just imagine that in the age 18, he was successfully created 6 goals in the UEFA Champions League.

It means Mbappe brought AS Monaco to the semi final for the first time since 2004! He also listed on the second most expensive football player in the football history. Experts know his as a multitalented player.

He is not only a striker which can make goal but also able to help his team in dangerous condition. His dribbling and pace skills are amazing and it is expected that he can do more in World Cup 2018 in Russia.


Gabriel Jesus

The next charming player in FIFA World Cup 2018 is Gabriel Jesus from Brazil. He is listed in the charming player due to his fantastic performance in club level. In the age of 20, Gabriel Jesus was successfully created 7 goals and 3 assists in 10 performances only. It was a great achievement for a young football player. The question is whether he can be as charming as his performance in club level if he play in FIFA World Cup 2018. Despite of this big question, Brazil’s fans hope that Gabriel Jesus is able to show his highest skill to bring Brazil to be the winner and bring the trophy home.

Luis Suarez

Uruguay also has some key players and one of them is Luis Suarez. Suarez has an important role for his team after great performance on FIFA World Cup 2010 and Copa America in 2011. In his 30 years old, Suarez is still able to give his best performance. It can be seen on his achievement in which he can create 47 goals in 94 performances. He also has a good skill in making crucial decision on the field to save the team. Moreover, Suarez has enough experience while playing for Liverpool and FC Barcelona. The achievements lead him to be the best player in football history. It hopes that Luis Suarez can use his skill to bring his team to the final FIFA World Cup 2018 and even win and bring the trophy along with the combination of defensive style of Uruguay football team.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Absolutely, Cristiano Ronaldo is included on the list because of his great performance. It seems that Portugal really needs his skill to stay on the competition. Just imagine, Ronaldo can be said as the best players in football history due to his performance in club level.


This is a year of revenge for Portugal to achieve the trophy. In 2006, Portugal was ended in the fourth position whereas in 2010 Portugal was eliminated by Spain in 16 round. The worst was in 2014 in which they couldn’t even passed the group qualifying. Indeed, Portugal really needs Cristiano Ronaldo as their key player. Hopefully, Cristiano Ronaldo can show his great performance just like when he plays for his club, Real Madrid.


Isco from Spain is also one of a great key player for his team. This is a comeback year for Spain after FIFA World Cup 2013. They had a tragic moment after lost 3-0 against Brazil. Then, they lost tragically against Netherlands 5-1 in FIFA World Cup 2014. The bad luck happened again in UERO 2016 when Spain has to surrender to Italy.

Isco is considered as a key player due to his balance and control. Even, he is claimed as the best midfield controller in the world! Hopefully, he can do a lot with his team to go higher in FIFA World Cup 2018.