Brazil’s Chance to Stop European Domination at the 2018 World Cup


As many football enthusiasts know, Brazil and Argentina are the only countries that can become the foundation of South America to end European domination at the next World Cup. If they really want to do it, the two countries must rely on their strengths. The head of the FIFA Technical Study Group, Carlos Alberto Parreira, gives his opinion ahead of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, which will be held from 14 June to 15 July.


He claims that If we want to see a non-European team, then the biggest opportunity is owned by Brazil and Argentina. The main reason is because Brazil has the best front lines, like Neymar, Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus, Firmino, and Costa. He adds that there is no other South American team that has such attacking power. Even Argentina is slightly underestimated because of their poor qualification. However, we should admit that they have the world's best player, Lionel Messi.

Neymar is Back, but Gabriel Jesus is appointed as the team captain

Despite the comeback of one of the best football players, Neymar, Brazilian national team striker, Gabriel Jesus, is reported to be wearing captain's armband when the team plays against Croatia in an international friendly at Anfield, Liverpool. Jesus, who is now 21 years old, said that he was surprised to get that trust. As we know, Brazil national team head coach, Tite, has rotated the captain position since he took over in 2016. And now, Jesus is lucky enough to become the latest player to lead the South American giant plays against Croatia.


Being interviewed before the clash at the Liverpool headquarter – where Neymar would play his role again after recovering from foot surgery – the new captain kindly told the reporters that he accepted the responsibility as a captain. He admitted that he was surprised at first, but then he decided to take it normally.

He continued that he was so happy to be given a chance to wear a national team outfit. Moreover, their team coach told him that he would be the leader of the team. It would mean that Sunday he would be responsible to lead the team, and he should take that responsibility, even though it was not an easy task to do. agen sbobet terpercaya

While getting a jersey with the number 9 printed on the back of the Brazil national team costume, Jesus said that everything was completely beyond his expectations. Brazil national team coach, Tite, released the back number of every player after announcing the squad for the 2018 World Cup. He did not even expect to be a soccer player one day, it was just like a dream, and so was the jersey number 9. He always dreamt about that. Wearing jersey with the number 9 printed on his back meant a lot, because number 9 was the legacy of many players who successfully made a history with the team, and Jesus intended to follow in the same footsteps. It is, indeed, true that the back number 9 of the Brazil national team has been subjected to several legendary and great players like Ronaldo, Adriano, and Romario. That is why, it is understandable if Gabriel Jesus feels so proud to be juxtaposed with top Selecao strikers.

Brazil coach has revealed Neymar's last condition

Brazil national team coach, Tite, finally reveals the condition of one of his best players, Neymar. He denies the rumor that the striker is suffering from another injury. Tite admits that he even plans to add Neymar as one of the players for a test match against Croatia, which is held at Anfield.

Neymar himself has spent quite a long time for recovery and since then, he has not played yet for a long period of time. As we know, he indeed suffered an injury while defending his team last season. That is why, Tite decided to place him in the second half, because of the healing process. Tite adds that he still does not know which player who will be replaced by Neymar in the second half.


In playing against Croatia, Brazil coach claimed that they would lose their best squad. Tite revealed that he would use a 4-3-3 formation by relying on Gabriel Jesus as the team captain, Philippe Coutinho, and Willian up front. While the midfield will be to the other excellent players like Paulinho, Fernandinho, and Casemiro. Explaining the defender position, Tite said that the players who would occupy the position were Danilo, Marcelo, Thiago Silva, and Miranda. Last but not least, the position of goalkeeper would be occupied by Alisson, who showed his impressive performance with AS Roma in the last season.

At the end of the interview, Tite claimed that for that time, that was the best squad he had. It meant that the formation was likely used in the 2018 World Cup as well. He also honestly said that choosing the players for their team was quite hard to do. But, still, he had to wisely make a decision.

Neymar’s performance is beyond Tite’s expectation

At first, the coach admitted that he did not fully expect Neymar to perform brilliantly when his team won 2-0 over Croatia in a test match, at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool, which was held last Sunday. As we know, Neymar has been absent from the green field due to a metatarsal injury since February 2018. And finally, the 26-year-old bomber had his comeback when his team met Croatia.

Signed in for Fernandinho at the start of the second half, Neymar did play well. The Paris Saint-Germain striker managed to bring the Samba Team ahead, thanks to his goal in the 69th minute. The coach admitted that Neymar came back with a better situation than he firstly expected. However, he also said that he was a little surprised because I did not expect much from Neymar in that game, regarding the fact that Neymar still needed the process to recover and be accustomed to play again.

He predicted that Neymar should go through various stages and experience ups and downs before he could finally play brilliantly. He further predicted that Neymar would completely return to his best level of play, after going through the third to the fifth game.

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The Strongest Candidates Predicted to Win the 2018 World Cup


As we have already known, the 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia from 14 June to 15 July. As the host of the great event, it is reported that Russia has already prepared 12 stadiums to hold the four-year tournament. But today, we are not going to talk about the host’s preparation in welcoming the event. Instead, we will discuss the candidates, which are predicted to be the winner of the championship.


Most of us know that on Thursday 17 November 2017 WIB, Peru beat New Zealand 2-0. The success of beating New Zealand makes the team ensured to appear in the World Cup. For your information, Peru even became the 32nd country, or the last country team that ensures a place in the 2018 World Cup.

However, although Peru is placed in Pot II, it seems that Jefferson Farfan and his colleagues are not strongly predicted as champions of the 2018 World Cup. Instead, there are at least five countries that are said to have the same chances to win the next World Cup held in Russia. Here is the list of 5 countries that are predicted to be the winner of the championship:


If we recall the previous World Cup event, we will remember that Spain failed miserably in the 2014 World Cup. Becoming in the same group with the Netherlands, Chile and Australia, La Furia Roja – the nickname of the Spanish national team – willy nilly have to stop the performance in the third position and failed to advance to the last 16. The deterioration of Spain continued two years later. Performing in the 2016 European Cup, David de Gea and friends were defeated by Italy with a score of 0-2.


However, many parties argue that Spain's performance has improved since Julen Lopetegui was appointed as their coach in mid-2016. The former FC Porto coach successfully brought Spain to be a superior in Group G World Cup Qualification 2018. Being in the same group with Italy, Spain won nine times and a draw from 10 games. In addition, Spain was also reported to have a row of brilliant players. Some of them are Isco Alarcon, who was enjoying his good times with Real Madrid and Alvaro Morata, who was known as one of the sharpest players in Chelsea, proved by his performance in the Premier League 2017-2018. Based on this fact, the opportunity to repeat the success of the 2010 edition was definitely wide open


After winning the 1986 World Cup, La Albiceleste – the nickname of the Argentina national team – has succesfully driven to the top of the party at least twice, in 1990 and 2014. Unfortunately, in both editions, Argentina was always conquered by the Germany national team. And the bad news was not yet over, in the last two editions of the Copa America (2015 and 2016) Argentina were always defeated by Chile in the final round. That is why, it is understandable that now Argentina is waiting to end the previous record. Of course, the Opportunities were wide open as long as the coach, Jorge Sampaoli, is able to highlight the optimal performance of the captain, Lionel Messi.


Based on the result of the Group A World Cup Qualification 2018, France beat Sweden and Netherlands. It is, indeed, true that Didier Deschamps's team is now blessed with brilliant young players. When the Antoine Griezmann era has not reached its brilliant period, the Les Blues – the French national team nickname – has already had Ousmane Dembele and also Kylian Mbappe. With the assistance of the young players, France definitely gets a great opportunity to lift the trophy at the end of the tournament. Moreover, the team also has the world's most expensive midfielder, Paul Pogba, who has an experience in bringing the team to win the U-20 World Cup 2013.


It is not too much to say that Germany is the country with the most consistent performance since the World Cup in 2006. Since that moment, the Die Mannschaft has been stuck in the semi-final rounds of several big tournaments, be it World Cup or European Cup. It was reported that their best achievement so far was winning the 2014 World Cup.


Even though they use young players in the 2016 Confederations Cup, Joachim Low's team remains out as a champion. It seems like the greatness of the Germany national team still continues in Group C World Cup Qualification 2018. Out of the 10 games, Thomas Muller and his friends packed 30 points, which means that they always win the game. Generally speaking, it is interesting to see Germany tries to follow in the footsteps of Brazil and Italy, the countries that ever won the World Cup twice in a row.


Many football enthusiasts agree that Brazil appeared dazzling in the 2018 World Cup Zone Conmebol Qualification. While qualification round still leaves four matches, the Tite's team has secured tickets to the finals. Since being handled by the former Corinthians tactician, Brazil's performance is, indeed, increasing. In addition to tactical concoction skills, Tite also managed to find such brilliant players, one of them is Paulinho. It seems that Brazil is clearly targeting the championship trophy.

Putin's prediction

As the leader of the country hosting the 2018 World Cup, The Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke out about the event. He admitted that the Spanish national team likely becomes a favorite of the champions. Putin calls the quality of the squad is the factor that will bring them to become the next winner of the World Cup.


He says that most teams have at least a star player. And among them, it seems like Spain has the most number. For example, Spain has Sergio Ramos, David De Gea, Andres Iniesta, Gerard Pique, and Diego Costa. Because of the tight competition, the team’s coach, Julen Lopetegui, even ignores some famous names such as Cesc Fabregas, Sergi Roberto, and Alvaro Morata. Relying on the squad, Spain easily seizes the tournament tickets. They are, indeed, hard to beat and they can easily win nine of 10 Group G qualifiers.

And now, Spain continues preparations for the event in Russia to play against Switzerland and Tunisia. The three teams are in Group B with Iran, Portugal, and Morocco. Putin argues that Spain's progress in the World Cup in 2010 is quite impressive, and it can be clearly seen that Spain becomes the favorite winner candidate for the next World Cup.

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